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About Us

What is Klaugh? A Brand that's for the Culture! Klaugh is for the people, it's for pros and regular everyday athletes.

Where dies Klaugh come from? to keep it Short; we're coming straight out of South Florida. the full,complete answer is a long one.

If we take it Back to 2019, Young KJ was a regular part time athlete who would engage in physical activities whenever possible. 

Back in 2019; KJ was working a Job that took all of his hours away from his personal life which took away from his active life. One night in 2019,the idea for a sports apparel brand came to KJ's mind and he immediately got to work on what it would be.The official name of Klaugh came later in the year after going back and forth on different names, after most of the beginning steps had been taken; it became time to design the apparel and setup a website.





Klaugh started as an outlet for creativity with the idea that we would release a mass assortment of graphic tees that people could relate to, eventually the idea shifted towards athletic clothing thus making us an "athleisure" collective. it was a challenging task getting the idea of a creative athletic brand off the ground, especially during the middle of a pandemic. Fortunately for us; KJ isn't the type to back down from a challenge, he got the team together and put pen to paper to make the store elevate from concept to plan then eventually it became a reality.